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New GIS Server

March 10, 2014


We have migrated the GIS server to a new server and IP address.  The new server will not require the use of port 8888.



The Agree link above will take you to the new server.  if you are using shortcuts please update them to the new address as the old server will be going offline in the next two weeks.


Boone County GIS



Select an area using the toolbar on the right side of the map or by typing information into the search fields.  The available tools are Zoom In, Zoom Out, Recenter, Information and original map.  After choosing the correct tool (make sure it is depressed), click on the map and then select an area by drawing a rectangle around the desired area.  Zoom Out and Original map do not use a selected area.

Orthophotography, if present, will not display until the selected area is under 10,000 square feet.


GIS Support - Email - Select this link to report problems with the GIS system.


Java is required to view this page. Click on this link to install Java


Port 8888 must be open from your firewall to display the GIS maps